Psalm 134

You’ve brought me to an open door A place I haven’t stood before My Lord, who does great things for me Make praising you my liturgy.   You’ve brought me to this mountain top To worship you and never stop This summit view is poetry Make praising you my liturgy.   I’m offering up An […]

Psalm 133

There’s a harmony Of God’s people In my life. Unique chords, Surprisingly sweet And precious. They resonate Quite wonderfully, Pouring out Beautiful sound That cascades down Like Debussy’s Arabesque Refreshing me. Where would I be Without this Life-giving unity? My unexpected, Unlikely family, Singing chorales Of the goodness of God.

Psalm 132

Make my heart a sanctuary, an ark I’m restless unless you rest there Mighty One. Above all else I want to follow you. This is the one thing I desire, for You to be Central GOD. Focus My eyes on Your promised one The glorious king. Fix my gaze on heaven Your chosen Jerusalem. I’m […]

Psalm 131

I want to Stop. Stop demanding Stop insisting Stop commanding Stop resisting Stop pushing Stop driving Stop rushing Stop striving All this clamouring Relentless hammering Childish pestering Inward festering Needs to Stop.   It’s time to wean my soul in calm and quietness, To be, and spend some needed time with God, To accept my […]

Psalm 129

How Much Longer? This is a long, deep furrow you’re ploughing, A lot of sorrow you’re allowing. My back bows beneath this beating. At the risk of repeating myself How much longer?   How Much Longer? Insidious ivy, roping my wrists, Tripping me up with its tangles and twists. I’m wounded with welts, inner bleeding […]