Psalm 125

I’ve been reminded Of who I really am. In the permanence Of God’s great love I stand. I’ve been listening to lies Undermining me, But now I’m hearing truth To set me free. So I can rest In confidence and peace, Even though the problems Do not cease. God’s promises are sure, Like the mountains […]

Psalm 124

Swallowed Whole. Voracious appetite at work And I am eaten up by it, Sucked down into the bowels Of insatiable hunger.   Swept Away. Waters raging, knock me off my feet And I am drowning in this torrent, Overwhelmed by this wrathful flood That churns around my head.   Savaged Prey. Caught in the teeth […]

Psalm 122

The joy set before me Inside the gates Awaits. Longing, Like a gravitational pull Filling me full. Let us go! Lost Eden intimacy, Glimpsed like elusive memories That fire the ache of desire To stand in your presence My God. It’s a long, uphill climb To the city sublime. I can only imagine the plenteousness […]

Psalm 121

Lift up your eyes I am here. I haven’t been sleeping All this time. You are still mine. No accident Under the sun Can move your foot One step. I haven’t been absent. Like encircling mountains I protect you. Lift up your eyes! No evil Under the sun Can strike you down. I’m guarding your […]

Psalm 120

Been in a place of distress So long Stared in the face of unrelieved stress Called to the Lord Continually Felt he was bored With listening to me Saying enough is enough!   Been in a place of distress Too long Scared by the waste of such endless mess Called to the Lord Saying, “Woe […]

A sonnet

He put on this limiting flesh, my God And the path of human frustration trod Subject to hunger, tiredness and thirst Made himself nothing and put us all first. Gracious and truthful, he lived here on earth Became one of us, to show us our worth. And people saw glory, radiant, bright Seeing our darkness, […]